Work where work is smarter

With an office facing sweeping views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountain Range, Azuqua is as much a beautiful place to work as it is an inspiring place to work. If you live and breathe technology and want to carve out your own part in automating all the world’s business processes, let’s talk.

Our Core Values 


We deliver a product and experience that is magic; removing obstacles and pain from customers’ work and enabling them to accomplish the impossible. We are a group of people who are empathetic to customers, creative in our approach to solving problems, and driven to build the best solutions possible. We seek feedback, anticipate needs before they arise, and look with fresh eyes at our product to continually innovate and blow customer’s minds.


As a company, Azuqua does not make assumptions about the marketplace, our customers, or our product. We are data driven, introspective, and self-critical. We collect data from both outside and internal sources. Improvements in our product are driven by customer feedback, and improvements in our system are driven by internal telemetry. We constantly make the effort to find new data, avoid self-validation, and re-adjust course. 



It’s important to have a good plan in place, but planning only gets a team part way to a goal. Once plans have been set in motion, they are only valuable to the customer if the deliverable is successfully completed, regardless of the difficulty of the task. Team alignment and buy in is paramount. Regardless of personal stand on plan commit, try, listen, communicate and move in sync with the team.


Never settling for mediocrity doesn’t mean waiting to release until everything is perfect. It’s about constant improvement through iteration. We need to have high standards for ourselves and our peers, but meet these standards in a strategic way that allows us to adjust as we proceed. That means failing fast and often and learning all the way. We share our learnings and are proud of them, since mistakes are opportunities to do better.

The Team