Workfront Integration

Workfront integration for all of your apps, including SalesforceJIRA, ServiceNow, Marketo, and 100+ more cloud applications.

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Azuqua Workfront Jira Integration

Connect to Engineering/IT

Keep all related projects between Workfront and Jira in sync so that you always have real-time updates on Engineering/IT progress at your fingertips.

For that matter, connect to any project management solution (Asana, Trello, Smartsheet, etc.) to Workfront so that all inter-departmental projects are in sync.

Quickly Route New Incidents to the Right Team

Automatically create new issues in Workfront and assign them to the right team. Azuqua can work like a smart bot that routes new tickets to the right team and creates new projects in that team’s project management solution of choice.

Azuqua Workfront ServiceNow Jira Integration
Azuqua Workfront Marketo Integration

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Continuously attribute the impact of marketing campaigns to the amount of time, budget, and resources consumed.

Automatically Distribute Creative Assets

As a creative campaign completes assets, automatically push the creative through the approval process and then update internal (or customer) libraries so that end users immediately have access to the latest sales and marketing collateral.

Azuqua Workfront Dropbox Salesforce Integration
Azuqua Workfront Google Calendar Slack Integration

Complete Projects Faster

Automatic meeting setup for milestones and customizable notifications will keep the whole team in sync on next steps.

Custom, Complex Automation and Workflows

In addition to the popular use cases above, Azuqua can also integrate and automate whatever custom workflows you need with reliable and secure execution.

Azuqua Workfront Integration