Smartsheet Integration

Integrate Smartsheet with everything else, including Salesforce, Netsuite, Gmail, Google Sheets, JIRA, Zendesk, plus 100+ other applications, APIs, data, and internal tools and microservices. Powerful, custom integrations without code.


Next Generation Enrollment

quotes_open   We streamlined global communications with Azuqua and Smartsheet. Now, we know that we’re delivering the same piece of information to everyone and that it reliably gets to the right person who is talking to the customer.”

—Stephen Perkins, Senior Business Process Analyst, Next Generation Enrollment

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Azuqua Smartsheet Integration Notification

Automated Conditional Notifications

Notify your team in real-time based on user actions to keep everyone up to date with the information they need to get their job done efficiently.

When a user makes an update in Smartsheet, Azuqua can automate the sending of notifications in real time. Notifications can be triggered off of complex conditions based on your custom processes.

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Dynamic Lookup (VLOOKUP)

Create Smartsheet integrations to access data across your sheets to connect projects within and across teams.

When a user makes an update in Smartsheet, Azuqua can automatically use the data from that row to locate matches to that data in one or multiple different sheets. If a match is found Azuqua can copy-paste that data back into the sheet where the update occurred.

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Azuqua Smartsheet Integration Lookup
Azuqua Smartsheet Integration Timestamp

Automatic Timestamp Logging

Accurately and efficiently calculate time and cost of projects with Azuqua’s Smartsheet integrations.

When a user initiates a task or marks a task as done in Smartsheet, Azuqua can automatically log that time event for you.

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Custom, Complex Automation and Workflows

In addition to the popular use cases above, Azuqua can also integrate and automate whatever custom workflows you need with reliable and secure execution.