Pivotal Cloud Foundry
+ Azuqua

Quickly connect your Pivotal Cloud Foundry apps to any API, microservice, or business application.


Workflow Orchestration and API Integration for Your Cloud Foundry Apps

Integrate Business Processes

Easily build apps that work with your business processes and applications like your CRM, ERP, etc.

Connect Microservices

Call other applications including commercial cloud tools and homegrown microservices without months of custom code.

Leverage APIs

Pull in external APIs for even faster development.

Webinar: How to rapidly connect PCF apps to all your microservices, APIs, databases, and cloud apps

Watch on demand

See 3 detailed examples on how to use microservices in your PCF app for increased agility



quotes_open   Azuqua has been critical to GE. We can now quickly create complicated logic for processing streaming data. This enables a whole new level of capabilities that I can build into my enterprise apps that I couldn’t before. This thing is awesome!”

—Bett Bollhoefer, Architect, GE Digital

Scalable, Powerful, and Agile

Azuqua is enabling the movement of enterprises to the cloud by delivering connectivity and rapid deployment to Cloud Foundry apps.