Marketo Integration

Integrate Marketo with everything else, including Salesforce, Excel, Tableau, Zendesk, plus 100+ other applications, APIs, data, and internal tools and microservices. Powerful, custom integrations without code.

Next Generation Enrollment

quotes_open   Marketo integrations in Azuqua empowered our marketing and sales organizations to scale and improved our ability to convert leads into revenue. Without Azuqua, we couldn’t have delivered leads to a large team of sales reps on time and accurately.”

—Scott Kinzie, VP of Marketing, EAT Club

Azuqua Marketo Integration Lead Flow

Get More Leads to Sales

Marketo integrations can make sure that hard earned leads are followed up on immediately.

When a new lead is generated by marketing, create the lead in your CRM (such as Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, etc.), assign the lead to the appropriate rep according to your territory (or other) routing rules, and immediately ping the rep to follow up. Azuqua can route your leads quickly regardless of what your custom process is (including custom Salesforce objects, constantly dynamic sales headcount, and international presence).

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Increase Lead Conversion

Qualify more leads by following up on them faster.

Leads often don’t convert to opportunities simply because the prospect has moved on to thinking about something else by the time the salesperson had time to call them. Azuqua’s Marketo integrations can make sure that the hottest leads are immediately contacted by automatically routing the lead to the next rep if the first rep is busy.

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Azuqua Marketo Integration Lead Flow Part II
Azuqua Marketo Integration Upsell Impact

Measure Marketing Impact on Upsells

Get credit for creating new leads as well as impacting upsells.

Marketing’s number one responsibility is creating net new leads, but marketing also has a huge impact on nurturing existing customers for that next conversation. Azuqua’s Marketo integrations can help you connect the dots between departments so that you can prove ROI on more than just new leads.

Custom, Complex Automation and Workflows

In addition to the popular use cases above, Azuqua can also integrate and automate whatever custom workflows you need with reliable and secure execution.