Create a More Agile Engineering Team JIRA + Azuqua

Move projects along faster, increase transparency with other teams, and never leave a bug unfixed


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quotes_open   Azuqua empowered our marketing and sales organizations to scale and improved our ability to convert leads into revenue. Without Azuqua, we couldn’t have delivered leads to a large team of sales reps on time and accurately.”

—Scott Kinzie, VP of Marketing, EAT Club

Azuqua ServiceNow JIRA

Quickly Route the Most Critical Bugs

Incoming incident tickets can be automatically routed to JIRA (or intelligently routed to another team depending on the nature of the issue) and trigger an alert if it’s highly critical. Azuqua can work like a smart bot that routes new tickets to the right team and escalates when needed.

Connect Engineering to Other Teams

Keep all related projects connected and transparent between teams.

A marketing team on Workfront might want to know about progress on development of a new mobile app. A customer management team using Smartsheet can have instant updates on engineering tasks. A documentation team using Trello can automatically post new docs when a feature is live.

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Azuqua JIRA Workfront

Keep Customer Facing Reps Informed

Not only is it important to track issues and new features, customer should also know about the hard work engineering does. Make sure sales reps, support reps, and account managers are constantly up to date on bug resolutions and product features that customers want to know about without having to manually communicate anything.

Know When Something Does NOT Happen

Most workflow automation products only track when something happens. But what if a critical bug isn’t resolved immediately or an important but low urgency task just gets forgotten about?

Azuqua can make sure all tasks actually get done.

Monitor No Data

Custom, Complex Automation and Workflows

In addition to the popular use cases above, Azuqua can also integrate and automate whatever custom workflows you need with reliable and secure execution.