Intercom + Azuqua

Create a connected customer experience with higher customer satisfaction and faster time to ticket resolution.

Azuqua Intercom SF

A better customer experience

Enrich lead information between your CRM and other automation platforms. From kicking off email marketing to onboarding campaigns automatically from CRM updates to keeping lead information up to date between marketing, support, engineering and sales.

Azuqua lets you connect all your cloud applications, automate your CRM workflow, and take control of the customer experience.

Have Account Information at Your Fingertips

Keep Intercom and your CRM continuously in sync so that support reps can always have all the customer history they need to help customers quickly.

Azuqua Intercom SF Sync
Azuqua Intercom Jira

Connect to Engineering/IT

Automatically get notified when Engineering and IT teams make progress or complete tasks that your customers are waiting for.

For that matter, connect to any project management solution (Asana, Trello, Smartsheet, Workfront, etc.) so that support reps can close tickets the minute that a support project is completed.

Custom, Complex Automation and Workflows

In addition to the popular use cases above, Azuqua can also integrate and automate whatever custom workflows you need with reliable and secure execution.