Dropbox + Azuqua: Document workflow automation built for businesses

Automate file workflows, tracking, manipulation, and sharing with intelligent rules across applications and teams

Simple enough for anyone to use. Powerful enough for the most complex business use cases.



Move, synchronize, archive files across all your applications and teams with automated workflows that reduce human error and provide instant, intelligent responses.



Easily convert files, encrypt documents for added security, and append attachments to any email or project.



Collaborate across teams, but also secure access to certain files/folders for certain people for certain periods of time.


Azuqua Dropbox Document FLO

Automate Contract Workflows

Azuqua eliminates the error-prone manual work that can be much better handled by automation.

A custom Azuqua FLO can make sure that contracts are immediately sent to won deals instantly after the deal closes and archived properly when the contract is signed. It can even automate followup if a contract’s not signed after a certain period of time, intelligently route documents through a series of teams, convert file formats, encrypt files, or do any number of manipulations that are custom to your process and the applications you use.


Synchronize Dropbox with any other storage solution

Different teams often use different software. Azuqua helps connect the dots between all your applications, teams, and processes.

Maybe a different team uses SharePoint instead of Dropbox or there’s functionality in one solution that’s not available in another so you use more than one storage product. Azuqua makes sure the right information is where you need it when you need it in the right format.

Azuqua Dropbox Storage Synchronization


Azuqua PPM Dropbox

Easily manage files belonging to a project

Most projects have files associated with them. Whether it’s blueprints in a construction project, creative collateral in a marketing campaign, or tech specs in a big product launch, Azuqua makes sure all the documents are where you need them. You can create custom FLOs that push documents along as they’re being developed, approved, and archived.


Custom, Complex Automation and Workflows

In addition to the popular use cases above, Azuqua can also integrate and automate whatever custom workflows you need with reliable and secure execution.