Azuqua for Industrial Processes

Integrate data and automate processes across devices, machines, and locations

Connect Everything

Cost Efficiency

Streamline and automate manual processes with devices, sensors, software, and data connected together with intelligent rules that reduce error and waste.

Process Automation

Create intelligent automation that steps through manual processes faster and with less error.

Resource Efficiency

Let automation do what it’s best at (rapid, high-volume, repetitive tasks) so that human resources can spend more time doing what we’re best at (high-intelligence decision making).


Use Cases


Just a 1% savings in fuel efficiency can mean billions of dollars in savings for an airline. Azuqua helps shave off important incremental costs by optimizing aircraft take-off angles.

An Azuqua FLO * intakes live weather and temperature data available through public APIs combined with internal data regarding load, aircraft model, etc. and transforms those data into the optimal take-off angle and delivers that information to the pilot in real-time.


Rapid build custom applications to control all your industrial processes.

Unlike older legacy systems, app built using Azuqua integrations are agile, flexible, and easily maintained. There are no mountains of brittle code to deal with and no army of consultants to hire.


Combine sensor signals, scheduled alerts, and human checkups into one automated system that gets maintenance to the right machines when they need it without wasting a minute of man-power without unnecessarily.


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