How business and IT teams partnered to automate hundreds of business processes to improve the customer experience with Azuqua


Webinar Overview

As the number of SaaS applications grows so do the challenges involved in syncing data and automating mission-critical business processes – leaving teams, data, and ultimately end customers in a disconnected state.

Jeff DaSilva, Sr. Business Automation Analyst at HubSpot, and Nico Rodriguez, Sr. Business Systems Analyst at HubSpot, were able to find a single solution in Azuqua that not only solved HubSpot’s initial integration challenge, but has since evolved into empowering an entire team tasked with transforming processes company-wide – automating nearly 100 business processes and reducing time spent on manual data entry between SaaS applications by 90%.

Join this webinar to hear directly from Jeff and Nico and learn:

  • Why HubSpot chose Azuqua to unify its ecosystem of SaaS apps, databases, and homegrown applications.
  • How a single Azuqua solution evolved into a Center of Excellence dedicated to building solutions company-wide.
  • How HubSpot is using Azuqua to create and deploy 100+ automated processes around their customer journeys.

“Azuqua is unique and powerful because it allows me as a non-developer to have developer capabilities at my fingertips.”

– Nico Rodriguez / Senior Business Systems Analyst, HubSpot