Harmonize HR
with Azuqua.

Azuqua integrates SaaS applications and creates powerful automations, delivering better customer experiences and eliminating manual work for employees.

Employee Onboarding


New employees want to hit the ground running, but onboarding is more often a checklist of ad-hoc tasks than a structured process.


Azuqua automates employee onboarding and user provisioning based on role, team assignment, and required applications. This removes the manual work of setting up new employees and reduces productivity costs, enabling new employees to get up and running quicker than ever.

Employee Offboarding


When an employee leaves an organization, it’s critical that their access to SaaS applications and internal tools are addressed as quickly as possible. These steps are executed manually based on an off-boarding checklist, but that leaves organizations subject to delays, human error, security risks, and icnreased operational costs.


Azuqua automates this process removing employees from business critical accounts quickly and securely, turning offboarding into a simple, push-button automation that ensures that no details are lost in the process.

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