How Hawke Media Streamlines Customer Onboarding with Automation Across SaaS Apps


Webinar Overview

Streamlined client onboarding is a critical component of delivering a positive customer experience and enabling teams to scale revenue and sell more deals. The challenge with onboarding is that it’s often a time-consuming, repetitive process that creates barriers to making your customers successful and decreases the number of customers you can onboard in a given period of time.

Hawke Media experienced a similar challenge when onboarding customers with their sales team using HubSpot and their client onboarding teams operating out of Wrike. Every time they signed on a new client, their sales team completed a form with customer information for onboarding. The onboarding team then double checked for accuracy, manually copied from data, created accounts for each customer within Wrike, and built and assigned repetitive task structures from scratch.

There were some obvious problems with this process for Hawke Media — their client onboarding team wasn’t adopting Wrike at the rate they would have hoped because there was often missing information and the manual workload was limiting their ability to scale their client onboarding processes.

By leveraging Azuqua, Hawke Media discovered that they could eliminate the busy work in their client onboarding processes with SaaS integration and automation. The result is a 100% automated process from form submission to task assignment that allowed them to accelerate sales, make onboarding more actionable, and improve Wrike adoption across their organization.