Powerful platform, intelligent design.

Intuitive enough for business users with enough technical power for those who dream big.

No-code FLO Designer

Intuitive designer that quickly enables simple connectivity scenarios as well as complex logic and rule driven integrations to meet the needs of any customer.


Creating solutions with our intuitive FLO Designer is easy using a library of 200+ Connectors.

Search Hundreds of Connectors.

“Now we only talk about solving for customer success and values because the technical complexities disappeared with the introduction of Azuqua.”

- Jeff DaSilva
Business Automation Analyst, HubSpot


Functions allow you to interact with, change, or control the data in your FLO. Functions such as these can be chained together to create complex interactions between your Events and Actions, providing a useful paradigm that allows you to create powerful workflows.


Date & Time


Error Handling

FLO Control











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Error handling

Easily account for potential points of failure with easy notifications and logging in existing channels and systems.


Simple yet scalable persistent storage to power solutions that have database needs – Read, Write, and Query tables directly in your FLOs with up to 100k rows.

Tables in Azuqua allow users to read and write to this data store from workflow executions, allowing for persistent data between executions. This unlocks all scenarios around checking against state, lookups, and building execution functionality off of each other.

FLO Dashboard

Easily manage solutions with a common dashboard across all connectors and processes.

FLO History

Quickly find issues and debug FLOs with searchable logs and granular API error messages.

Connector Builder

Build and Publish connectors to your Azuqua environments as needed.

“I was up and running with Azuqua right away without having to learn the code methodology or wade through unfamiliar API documentation. I was able to integrate different systems with Azuqua unbelievably quickly.”

– Elisa Chou
Senior Operations Manager

Azuqua Features


Multi-Level Security with fine role based access control at all layers


No-Code model driven orientation built for technical business users


Hybrid engine securely runs FLOs between cloud and on-premises


Distributed architecture with real time process balancing capability


Extremely portable, runs on any cloud stack and on-premises


OEM deployment options including white label and embed

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