Frequently Asked Questions


What is Azuqua?

Azuqua arms business users with a no-code visual interface to connect cloud applications, automate critical business processes, and create a more efficient workplace. 

How does Azuqua work?

Azuqua lets you create event-driven workflows that you can customize to fit your process. Each workflow is representative of a specific task or process in your day-to-day work. 

What is a FLO?

A Flo is a visual workflow consisting of a series of steps that, when executed, perform an automated task.


Do I have to be technical to use Azuqua?

Azuqua was designed to enable business users to tackle the application connectivity problems that used to be left to IT. With a no-code visual designer, technical chops are not required and our Customer Success team is here to make sure you get started on the right foot. 

Which applications can I connect with Azuqua?

Azuqua has over 120 pre-built connectors to best-of-breed cloud applications. If you are trying to connect an application that is not included, contact us to see if it is on our roadmap. 

What are some common use cases for Azuqua users?

Azuqua is custom by nature, so use cases are ultimately defined by your specific business processes. That being said, we put together Learn Azuqua to spark ideas for how you can improve the efficiency of your team. 

What type of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is Azuqua compatible with?
Azuqua allows for the creation of RESTful APIs to extract data from any system or application the customer requires. 


Is Azuqua SOC2 Type II compliant?

Azuqua is SOC2 Type II compliant. Additional information on security compliance can be provided upon request.

Is my data secure?

Azuqua considers security to be a top priority. With Fortune 100 and global financial services customers, data security, transparency, and auditability are key pillars of our product. 

What type of user permissions does Azuqua offer?

With Azuqua, you can control user access to specific FLOs, groups of FLOs, and who has access to which applications. For example, marketing users might be limited to only creating FLOs that affect Marketo and Twitter while sales users can only make changes to Salesforce. 


What is Azuqua’s service model?

Each Azuqua plan includes the customer services required to make sure the customer is successful. The basic plan includes 1 hour with our Customer Success team, the Team plan includes 2 hours, and the Premier plan includes 3 hours. The enterprise plan includes a custom package for implementation, training, and ongoing support. 

How long does it take to get started?

Initial use cases can be implemented in just a few hours during the initial on-boarding session. More complex use cases can take additional time, but our customers are typically up and running within a couple of weeks. 

Do I have to build my FLOs myself?

Since Azuqua does not require coding, most Azuqua users build their FLOs independently or with the guidance of our Customer Success team. If you would like a hands-off approach, our professional services team can also build custom solutions for you. For more information on professional services, contact us


What is Azuqua’s pricing model?

Pricing is broken down by Basic ($250/mo), Team ($800/mo), Premier ($2,000/mo), and Enterprise (custom). Selection is based on the number of FLOs and product functionality required by the use case. Full pricing details can be found here


What are your Terms of Service?

Azuqua’s full Terms of Service can be found here

Does Azuqua offer a financially-backed SLA?

Azuqua powers many operations that are critical to the daily function of an enterprise. For those mission critical FLOs that simply can never fail, we can implement many layers of redundancy to make sure those FLOs always work and always work on time. Contact us to create financially guaranteed FLOs for your business. 



What does Azuqua offer for support?

Azuqua offers email, phone, chat, dedicated customer success managers, and community as support. The level of support and response time is tiered and dependent on your plan. Please refer to our pricing page to see what is offered for each plan for support.