Error Handling and Azuqua

Automation can have a powerful impact, but without insight into the success and failure of what’s going on behind the scenes, it can also leave a growing organization vulnerable to missing data and roadblocks in critical business processes.

When it comes to automating business critical processes, reliability is a key component of success. Azuqua’s digital automation platform was built with reliability in mind, offering powerful features like card level error handling, error notifications, execution history, and if/error.

We help our users automate with confidence, knowing that they have the in-depth execution history and custom error-handling functionality required to build a powerful and reliable framework for automating their work.

Card Level Error Handling

Azuqua offers automated error handling that can be put in place for each card in your FLO. This helps users avoid temporary third-party service outages by enabling intervaled ‘retries’ of a specific card.

Users can also set up separate error handling FLOs to collect data about the error, notify the appropriate person, and update a custom statement of record to raise immediate awareness.


While building a FLO, you’ll most likely have known edge cases and expect errors in these edge cases. Maybe a field hasn’t been filled out correctly by a user or a certain scenario doesn’t work with the process you’ve set up. Using the Azuqua If/Error function helps prepare for these edge cases and set up custom workflows that execute if an error is detected.

Error Notification Emails

A simple but effective feature, error notifications allows users to set up automated error notifications via email so they are instantly alerted when an error has been detected in their FLO. Also, users can turn on a daily summary email for their FLOs to get a wrap up of how many times the FLOs succeeded and failed on that day.

Execution History

Azuqua’s execution history offers users in-depth insight into how data moves through their integration or automation. This feature provides granular detail on individual executions that the user can select by date and time, enabling the ability to run comprehensive QA/QC on FLOs to ensure reliability.

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