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See how to easily connect your applications with Azuqua. Our intuitive drag and drop interface requires NO code, and a team of customer success managers are always available to help you.

Immediate & Intuitive

Azuqua’s empowers users in every department to automate processes across teams and applications, whether it’s marketing, sales, customer success, operations, or IT.

Tailored & Powerful

Azuqua covers basic and advanced scenarios. Sync data between SaaS apps, or build complex logic-driven workflows and notifications that initiate a call to action tailored to your specific business needs.


Connected & Collaborative

Azuqua provides a pre-built library of 150+ connectors for the world’s leading SaaS and cloud services, from Salesforce to Google Drive, empowering users to share information and make decisions from within the apps they already use.

Application Library

Azuqua’s library of over 150+ connectors means that you can keep using the apps you love while making your whole team more productive.

“Azuqua has been critical to GE. We can now quickly create complicated logic for processing streaming data. This enables a whole new level of capabilities that I can build into my enterprise apps that I couldn’t before. This thing is awesome!”

– Bett Bollhoefer, Architect, GE Digital

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