Data Integration Platforms

Analyze data. Make decisions. Improve strategy. When you collect, move, store, or process data, do it more effectively with Azuqua, a no-code data integration platform flexible enough to fit any portfolio of apps.

What is data integration?

Never before have companies had such extraordinary access to data to help drive business decisions. But with so much of that data spread out in storage across business applications and systems rather than in one database, it has also never been so challenging to bring it all together for use in analytics.

Data integration is the process through which data from different sources can be brought together for analytical or operational needs. Data integration tools allow you to more effectively collect, filter, process and move all kinds of data between apps and databases.

What are the challenges of data integration?

Manually pulling data from numerous systems, applications or data warehouses is often a time-consuming process with a high potential for errors. Traditional IT data integration solutions can be created and used, but they are costly, time-consuming and difficult to keep up to date as business needs change. A better way to perform big data integration is by using a real-time data integration platform, which can help businesses create affordable and flexible custom solutions to move and manipulate data effectively.

What to look for in a data integration platform

Not all data integration tools are equal. Some platforms are more user-friendly than others, requiring little to no code, while others require extensive coding knowledge. Another problem with many platforms is a lack of flexibility or scalability, especially as sources, destinations and uses for data change. The best data integration tools can keep up with changes to data processing and storage needs while remaining compatible with all of the various apps and databases used for collecting, exporting, and storing data.

How Azuqua overcomes data integration challenges

In a world where data drives decisions, you need the right tools to create a powerful data management strategy. With Azuqua’s no-code iPaaS platform, users can easily set up a custom workflow to automate or integrate data processes across one or more SaaS applications. Azuqua allows for the creation of RESTful APIs to extract data from any system, application, or other source the customer requires, and can then replicate or move the data as needed.

Whatever your business or database needs, Azuqua’s data integration platform can help you build an elegant solution that’s fast, affordable, and effective.

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