Comprehensive Customer Experience Analytics & Reporting

Make more informed decisions and optimize customer experience by surfacing and visualizing critical CX data. 

The CX reporting blueprint offers a fully integrated, automated solution for ingesting and manipulating data from your customer experience platforms and surfacing them in your database and BI applications of choice.


The best companies are looking at data to understand the weak points of their customer experience. The challenge is that this critical customer data is housed within CX platforms that don’t offer the data visualization and BI functionality required to provide actionable insights.

Comprehensive CX Reporting provides a blueprint for companies to better understand and improve their customer journeys by visualizing the data that matters most. 

Unlock actionable insights

Convert siloed customer data into actionable insights so that you can better understand the pain points in your customer journey. 

30% increase in NPS

Optimize support staffing to improve your support journey and increase NPS. 

20% decrease in churn

Identify weaknesses in your customer support and success functions with the power of data to improve retention.

Comprehensive CX Reporting Blueprint

Visualize what matters

Find out when your customers need you

Quickly identify the time of day where you get the highest volume of tickets so you can optimize support. 

Identify product weaknesses

Track why your customer are submitting tickets so you can make more informed product roadmap decisions. 

Segment customer ticketing by user type 

Gain insight into which segments of customers are experiencing the most challenges by breaking down ticketing data by user type. 

How it works

Go from zero to impact in days.


Step 1: Pick your blueprint

Identify which blueprints will have the biggest impact on your organization and schedule a demo.


Step 2: Configure SaaS apps

Work with an Azuqua expert to authenticate your apps and tweak the blueprint so it can scale in your business environment.

Step 3: Turn it on

Activate your blueprint and convert a time-consuming manual process into a powerful push-button automation.

Discover Comprehensive CX Reporting

See how the CX Reporting blueprint helps you make more informed decisions and optimize customer experience by surfacing and visualizing critical CX data.

On the demo we will:

  • Discuss your use case and determine technical fit
  • Demo the blueprint in real-time
  • Review pricing and implementation details