Customer 360: Integrating Customer Experience

Connect customer facing applications so you can stay up to date on every step of the customer journey. 


The Customer 360 blueprint offers unparalleled visibility and insight into your customer journey by fully integrating customer facing applications including CRM, customer success, and customer support platforms.


Keeping up with the customer journey across multiple disparate SaaS applications is a constant struggle for customer-centric companies that want to deliver a fully-integrated customer experience. 

Customer 360 connects customer facing systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Gainsight, Intercom and more, enabling organizations to stay up to date on every step of the customer journey by creating a system of record for customer data across multiple applications. 

20% account growth

Enable customer facing teams to more effectively convert new accounts and grow existing ones by having more informed conversations with customers. 

0% error rate

Eliminate human error caused by copying and pasting data across your customer-facing applications.

100% of manual work automated

Remove the headache associated with keeping multiple apps and teams in sync. 

Customer 360 Blueprint

How it works

Go from zero to impact in days.


Step 1: Pick your blueprint

Identify which blueprints will have the biggest impact on your organization and schedule a demo.


Step 2: Configure SaaS apps

Work with an Azuqua expert to authenticate your apps and tweak the blueprint so it can scale in your business environment.

Step 3: Turn it on

Activate your blueprint and convert a time-consuming manual process into a powerful push-button automation.

Discover Customer 360

See how the Customer 360 blueprint unifies customer facing teams so you can deliver a seamless customer experience and stay up to date on every step of the customer journey. 

On the demo we will:

  • Discuss your use case and determine technical fit
  • Demo the blueprint in real-time
  • Review pricing and implementation details