Actionable NPS

Improve NPS, reduce churn, and make customer feedback a reliable data source for your business.

The actionable NPS blueprint offers a fully integrated, automated solution for operationalizing the way you send, collect, surface, and respond to customer NPS surveys. 


Getting feedback from customers is a critical component of delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Actionable NPS provides a blueprint for operationalizing NPS surveys with powerful automation so organizations can proactively identify problems in their customer experience and improve the way they incorporate customer feedback.

30% increase in NPS

Systematically triage the customers with resolvable issues and convert detractors into champions.

20% decrease in churn

Identify vulnerable accounts before its too late with automated alerts to both sales and support.

100% automated process

Eliminate the manual steps in your NPS survey processes so you can reach more customers.

Actionable NPS Blueprint

How it works

Go from zero to impact in days.


Step 1: Pick your blueprint

Identify which blueprints will have the biggest impact on your organization and schedule a demo.


Step 2: Configure SaaS apps

Work with an Azuqua expert to authenticate your apps and tweak the blueprint so it can scale in your business environment.

Step 3: Turn it on

Activate your blueprint and convert a time-consuming manual process into a powerful push-button automation.

Want to see Actionable NPS in action?

Contact us and a solution expert will guide you through a live demo.