Fortune 100 Company Finds $5M in Quarterly Savings with Azuqua

“Azuqua has been has opened our eyes to the power of integration and automation.

It would have taken us months to implement this type of custom integration with our partners’ systems without Azuqua.”

– Director of IT


  • Products manufacturing depends on a distributed set of contract manufacturers (CMs) and chemical suppliers, all of whom have silo'd data stored in independent ERP systems.
  • Communication between partner and internal systems is disjointed, which causes pricing errors that costs millions each year.
  • The IT team lacked a centralized integration platform to connect all these pieces together while providing the necessary automation that the supply chain team needed.
Key Benefits:
  • Rapid development of custom integrations with partner systems.
  • Increased visibility of purchase orders, fulfillments, invoices, and payments that's saving the company $5M per quarter.


Learn how Azuqua’s platform helped the IT team develop custom integrations with partner systems.