Azuqua Helps Westmed Improve Outcomes of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease Risk

“Connectivity and APIs are just starting to take off in healthcare. It’s great to be able to customize our EMR in this way.

It would have taken us 10x as long to implement this solution without Azuqua.”

–RN, Clinical Analytics, Westmed


  • The American Heart Association published new guidelines for calculating the risk of heart disease or stroke with sporadic adoption by clinical staff.
  • Hospital workflow automation required extensive custom code directly into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.
  • Clinical staff had specific requirements and workflow not well understood by the IT team which has made similar past projects lengthy and confusing.
Key Benefits:
  • Elimination of manual, error-prone tasks that were consuming doctors' time with patients.
  • Increase compliance rates with AHA guidelines.
  • Better internal tracking of patient data.


Learn how Azuqua’s platform eliminated manual tasks for doctors when producing disease risk by connecting two separate systems.