Trusted by Industry Leaders

Azuqua is trusted by top companies to provide the power, security, and reliability they need to connect their data and automate their processes.


Charles Schwab uses Azuqua to manage complex marketing workflows across teams and applications.

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Gainsight provides faster response times to customer requests because of Azuqua.


Workfront increases customer satisfaction with Azuqua.


Vector Remote Care saves lives with automated patient data through Azuqua.

WESTMED Medical Group improves care of patients with cardiovascular disease risk using Azuqua.

Play Telecom uses Azuqua to create a connected customer experience by integrating all the cloud tools that contain relevant data and exposes the right data at the right time in the support rep's tool of choice.


EAT Club follows up on new leads in 10 minutes by connecting sales and marketing with Azuqua.


GE's industrial IoT platform, Predix, leverages Azuqua to funnel workflow requests for all its enterprise apps.

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Dun & Bradstreet implements customer requests for propriety data using Azuqua.

Azuqua helps GM teams stay up to date on every critical cross-team project.

FujiFilms aggregates customer data from various touchpoints into their CRM using Azuqua.

The University of Michigan streamlines cross-departmental operations with Azuqua.