Azuqua for Customer Experience

A unified customer experience across channels

Connect Everything

Sales and Marketing

Create fast, intelligent rules to route leads from marketing to sales. Never lose a lead because they were sent to a busy sales person or a recently departed rep.

Customer Support

Customer should never have to repeat their issue to a support rep or follow up when an issue falls through the cracks. Azuqua makes sure the right data is present to any customer facing rep or interface in real-time.


Customers are multi-channel. Your engagement strategy needs to adapt quickly with the best experience possibly across all channels.


Use Cases


Manage data and workflow for a whiteglove customer experience that scales but never feels automated.

Common scenarios include:

  • Send leads from marketing to sales instantly and actually make sure that a rep follows up in minutes or else send the lead to another rep
  • Connect support to engineering so that critical customer bugs are prioritized and followed up on
  • Ensure renewed revenue by enabling customer success reps with accurate real-time information at their fingertips

Create personalized customer experiences across channels.

Common scenarios include:

  • Empower an improved support experience by connecting tickets across web, mobile, phone, and in-store so customers can start and resolve issues anywhere without having to repeat their problem to each new rep
  • Better leverage social data and interactions to drive revenue and support
  • Rapidly build new customer interfaces that are inherently connected to the right data and workflows

Rapidly create new mobile applications without wasting precious developer resources on coding connections to customer data.

Let Azuqua handle the busy work so your devs can focus on creating a beautiful app.

Get the app into the store faster by using reconsumable microservices and APIs.


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