The Azuqua Vision

Azuqua is revolutionizing customer data connectivity to improve the way enterprises market, sell, and retain revenue.

Today, data about customer interactions are siloed in the applications and heads of people who work in different departments. The push to the cloud has enabled enterprises around the world to easily adopt best-in-class solutions for every task, but this has also created organizations where revenue is lost because no one has a holistic view of the customer.

Azuqua is fixing this by connecting customer information and automating critical tasks to improve the entire customer journey, thereby empowering every line of business to make a measurable, direct impact to revenue.

We’re Hiring

We’re proud to say we now have awesome employees and are growing incredibly quickly. We want you to be next. Belong to a vibrant, energetic, tight-knit team that enjoys spirited discussions, hard work, and the occasional oyster.

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