Business Process Automation

Streamline workflows, lower costs, increase efficiency, eliminate errors, and retain customers for your company with business process automation powered by Azuqua, a no-code iPaaS digital automation platform that lets you develop unique solutions to automate critical business practices.

What is business process automation (BPA)?

Imagine being able to automate certain business processes, activities, or services so they can essentially take care of themselves, rather than having a person or team do the work to carry them out. That’s the idea at the center of business process automation (BPA), in which digital technology is used to complete a business process or series of processes.

Why should you automate your workflows?

Workflow automation yields many benefits. It can save time and money in obvious ways by carrying out traditionally manual tasks such as data entry between applications — and with 100 percent accuracy — but it can also add to a company’s bottom line in more roundabout ways.

When you automate time-consuming manual tasks within a workflow, you can focus on producing your best work.

What types of business processes can be automated?


Human resources






supply chain management


Customer Service






IT and so much more

How to choose the right business process automation tool

When looking for business process automation software, it’s important to choose software that meets your needs in terms of both capabilities and ease of use. Look for software that can form integrations and automations between the SaaS applications that already power your business. Ideally, your business automation software of choice will have a wide selection of prebuilt Connectors that can get an integration or business process automation up and running in no time.

Why choose Azuqua for your business process automation needs?

If you can dream it, you can build it with Azuqua. That’s because Azuqua offers the ideal balance between simplicity and sophistication in its business process automation platform, allowing users to do complex things in a simple way.

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