Azuqua takes in $10.8 mln Series B

Seattle-based Azuqua, a provider of cloud application connectivity for business users, has secured $10.8 million in Series B funding. Insight Venture Partners led the round with participation from DFJ and Ignition Partners.


Seattle, WA— August 1, 2017 – Azuqua, a provider of cloud application connectivity for business users, just announced it has closed a $10.8 million Series B round led by Insight Venture Partners, with participation from DFJ and Ignition Partners. Azuqua provides non-technical users with a simple, visual interface to transform and manipulate data across many different applications without the need to write any code. This unlocks potential business value that millions of business users didn’t have before. The new capital will be used to scale the company’s sales, marketing and engineering teams.

“I was able to connect critical applications spanning across different teams in a very short timeframe. The custom workflows that Azuqua provided allowed me to connect different work streams into a coherent, connected process. The best part was that I was able to build these automations and be self sufficient, allowing me to quickly pivot and adjust to the team’s immediate needs, leaving engineering focused on other initiatives.” – Hoon Kim, Creative Production Manager at Airbnb.

The typical mid-sized company has an average of 30 different SaaS apps, while larger companies have nearly 60 from a variety of vendors. Azuqua quickly connects business functions and SaaS apps across organizations, automating and radically increasing productivity in mission-critical processes by connecting information across departments such as marketing, finance, sales and operations.

“Azuqua understands that business users are faced with integrating and transforming information across multiple systems, from in-house as well as cloud sources. In the past, they either had to campaign for IT support and resources or use spreadsheets and files to manually perform their jobs. Azuqua provides rapid integration and data transformation across many disparate systems without the need to write any code,” said Stu Phillips, managing director at Insight Venture Partners. “Azuqua’s no-code approach to providing business users with the solutions they need to streamline their workflow is transformative.”

Azuqua’s visual drag-and-drop designer connects to over 150 different popular SaaS apps such as Marketo, NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Zendesk — enabling different teams to collaborate more effectively, without getting IT involved.

Existing services provide a one-size-fits-all approach that only generate superficial solutions with limited depth and can’t be customized for an individual business. Creating custom solutions — an endeavor previously owned by IT — requires significant time, capital, and have a high risk of failure. Utilizing Azuqua removes all these constraints and unlocks the potential to transform the business. Azuqua empowers business users to connect cloud applications and create custom solutions designed to solve their specific problems, without writing any code.

“Teams work better when their apps work together, so it’s critical to have a connectivity solution they can use without always relying on IT. Azuqua fuels growth for our customers by transforming disparate SaaS apps into unified processes tuned for each business,” said Nikhil Hasija, CEO of Azuqua.

About Azuqua
Azuqua is a provider of cloud application connectivity that empowers business users to work more productively together by automating business processes between SaaS apps, without a single line of code. Azuqua’s drag-and-drop visual designer gives a business person the tools to immediately get started with creating powerful automation solutions to problems that are core to their processes. The Seattle-based company has helped innovative companies like Airbnb, Charles Schwab, HubSpot and PLZ Aeroscience to automate their business processes and perform nearly 1 billion automated actions per month. For more information, visit