Request an Azuqua for Zendesk Demo

Learn how Azuqua lets you save time and streamline customer experience by connecting Zendesk to your other SaaS applications.

On the demo we will:

  • Discuss your use case and determine technical fit
  • Provide an overview of Azuqua basics
  • Show you how to build your first automation

How Azuqua Extends Zendesk


Streamline customer and employee experience

Sync data between Zendesk and other cloud applications for more informed customer conversations across teams.


Solve tickets faster

Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency between teams, so Zendesk tickets get resolved more quickly.


Create actionable insights

Surface customer data in each team’s application of choice so sales, customer service, and technical teams can respond to tickets in Zendesk faster.

“We believe that customer relationships matter more than ever. Our partnership with Azuqua empowers all types of organizations to seamlessly integrate their customer support functions with the rest of the business to enable them to work more intelligently and effectively; and always with the end customer in mind.”

– Mike Zinne
VP Customer Success, Zendesk