Do More With Zendesk

Learn how Azuqua lets you connect Zendesk to hundreds of applications, making it easy to create powerful automations across your organization.

How Azuqua Extends Zendesk


Streamline Customer and Employee Experience

Sync data between Zendesk and other cloud applications for more informed customer conversations across teams.


Solve Tickets Faster

Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency between teams, so Zendesk tickets get resolved more quickly.


Create Actionable Insights

Surface customer data in each team’s application of choice so sales, customer service, and technical teams can respond to tickets in Zendesk faster.

“We believe that customer relationships matter more than ever. Our partnership with Azuqua empowers all types of organizations to seamlessly integrate their customer support functions with the rest of the business to enable them to work more intelligently and effectively; and always with the end customer in mind.”

Mike Zinne

VP of Customer Experience, Zendesk

Why Azuqua?

Azuqua helps people integrate their business critical applications and create custom automations without any code or specialized skills.

What used to take months of custom development and large IT budgets can now be accomplished in days and for a fraction of the cost.

With Azuqua’s intuitive, powerful and reliable fully-managed platform, anyone can connect their apps and automate their work.

Supercharging Zendesk Webinar

Companies lose more than $62 billion every year due to poor customer service. With the best companies continually re-setting the bar and increasing customer expectations, having a cutting edge on responding to customers has never been more important. In this webinar, you will learn how integrating Zendesk with apps like Jira, Twilio, and Salesforce can dramatically impact your customer’s experience. 

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Common Use Cases

Automate Your Customer Journey

Streamline customer onboarding by automatically creating onboarding tickets in Zendesk when an Opportunity is marked Closed Won in Salesforce. Sync customer data to notify Customer Success within Zendesk.

Keep Your Sales Team Informed

Give your sales team the information they need to keep customers happy and reduce churn. For example, you can set up a simple FLO to monitor for new tickets created in Zendesk, find the account owner in Salesforce, and send an automated slack message to the appropriate sales rep. 

Prioritize Bug Fixes

Improve visibility by automatically creating tickets in JIRA when an engineering ticket is created in Zendesk. Bi-directionally sync customer data and task details for a real time overview of ticket status within Zendesk.

Comprehensive Connectors to Hundreds of Applications

Ready to get started?

What else can you do with Zendesk?


Below are the Zendesk events that can kick off an automated workflow:


Below are the Zendesk actions that can be completed in an automated workflow: 

  • End User Contact Update
    Start a FLO when an end user updates their contact information
  • New Comment on Ticket
    Start a FLO when a new comment is added to a ticket
  • New Organization
    Start a FLO when a new organization is created
  • New Ticket
    Start a FLO when a new ticket is created
  • New User
    Start a FLO when a new user is added to Zendesk
  • Updated Organization
    Start a FLO when updates are made to any Zendesk organization
  • Updated Ticket
    Start a FLO when updates are made to any Zendesk ticket

  • Add User to Organization
    Add a user to an existing Zendesk organization
  • Attach File to Ticket
    Attach a file to a ticket by creating a new comment that uses file content from a previous card
  • Comment on Ticket
    Add a comment to an existing Zendesk ticket
  • Create Organization
    Create a new organization in Zendesk
  • Create Ticket
    Create a new ticket in Zendesk
  • Create User
    Create a new user in Zendesk
  • Download Attachment
    Download a specific attachment from Zendesk

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  • Get Organization Tickets
    Get the information about all the current tickets in one organization
  • Get Organization Users
    Get the information about all the current users in one organization
  • Get Ticket Attachments
    Get all the attachments from a particular Zendesk ticket
  • Read Organization
    Get all the information about a specific organization
  • Read Ticket
    Get all the information about a specific ticket
  • Read User
    Get all the information about a specific user
  • Remove User from Organization
    Remove a Zendesk user from a particular organization
  • Search Organizations
    Search Zendesk for an organization based on a query
  • Search Tickets
    Search Zendesk for a ticket based on a query
  • Search Users
    Search Zendesk for a user based on a query
  • Suspend User
    Suspend an existing Zendesk user
  • Update Organization
    Update the information of an existing Zendesk organization
  • Update Ticket
    Update the information of an existing Zendesk ticket
  • Update User
    Update the information of an existing Zendesk user