Do More With Tableau: Turn Insight into Action

Put your Tableau data to work by connecting it to the other SaaS apps in your ecosystem to drive real-time automated workflows.

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How Azuqua Extends Tableau

At Azuqua, we help organizations replace outdated processes and practices by seamlessly integrating business-critical applications so data and processes flow freely across your organization. Tableau software is optimized through Azuqua in three ways:


Manage your published content

Add, update, and remove Datasources, project, and workbooks, based on triggers from within Tableau, or integrate these processes with other applications you use.


Provision Users and manage Groups

Build automated processes to help get users the content they need and skip the manual onboarding processes.


Leverage your existing infrastructure

Use information in your other existing systems and integrate those systems with Tableau to build dynamic, logic-driven processes that manage your Tableau instance.

Comprehensive Connectors to Hundreds of Applications

Azuqua has ready-built app connectors to several leading SaaS applications. Click here to see the entire directory of apps.

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