Do More With Smartsheet Integrations & Automations

Learn how Azuqua lets you connect Smartsheet to hundreds of applications, making it easy to create powerful Smartsheet automations across your organization.

How Azuqua Extends Smartsheet


Streamline Customer and Employee Experience

Connect people and their applications for a fully integrated customer and employee digital experience.


Get Work Done Faster

Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency between teams, so you can increase success and improve productivity.


Improve Data Accuracy and Visibility

Eliminate manual re-entry across applications so that data is always accurate and up to date.

Why Azuqua?

Azuqua helps people integrate their business critical applications and create custom automations without any code or specialized skills.

What used to take months of custom development and large IT budgets can now be accomplished in days and for a fraction of the cost.

With Azuqua’s intuitive, powerful and reliable fully-managed platform, anyone can connect their apps and automate their work.

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Live Group is one of the world’s leading event management agencies, managing over 300 executive events a year with over 30,000 total attendees. In this webinar, you will learn how Live Group improved client experience and reduced time-to-invoice by 71% by automating workflow between Salesforce and Smartsheet. 

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Common Use Cases

Smartsheet Conditional Notifications

Conditional Notifications and Reminders

Projects move smoothly and more efficiently when notifications are sent and received on time. Using Azuqua, you can build workflows that automate these notifications in real time. Marking a checkbox or changing the assignment of task are two examples for how these workflows can be triggered.

Automated Smartsheet Data Entry Between Sheets

Save time by eliminating manual data re-entry between sheets. When a change has been made in one sheet, input data, sync statuses, or make an update in another sheet. Leverage custom logic to mold the automation to your specific business processes so you can keep your sheets in sync.

Smartsheet Conditional Notifications

Sync Salesforce Cases with Smartsheet

Increase efficiency by syncing new Salesforce Cases with Smartsheet project sheets. When a new Case has been created in Salesforce, automatically spin up a Smartsheet project sheet and sync over relevant information. When updates are made in Salesforce or Smartsheet, bi-directionally sync data to keep both teams up to date.

Dynamic Lookup (VLOOKUP)

Connect projects across teams. When a user makes an update in Smartsheet, Azuqua can automatically use the data from that row to locate matches to that data in one or multiple different sheets. If a match is found, Azuqua can copy-paste that data back into the sheet where the update occurred.

Smartsheet Automatic Timestamp

Automatic Timestamp Logging

Capturing timestamps at the start and end of tasks in Smartsheet makes projects auditable. With Azuqua you can capture these time events automatically in your Smartsheet. Use these timestamps to calculate time-to-completion of a task, and then use that information for benchmarking, reporting, budgeting and resource allocation.

Comprehensive Connectors to Hundreds of Applications

Azuqua has ready-built app connectors to several leading SaaS applications. Click here to see the entire directory of apps.

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What else can you do with Smartsheet?


Below are the Smartsheets events that can kick off an automated workflow:


Below are the Smartsheet actions that can be completed in an automated workflow: 

  • Monitor Column
    Start a FLO when a particular column has updated values
  • Monitor Column Update
    Start a FLO based on a webhook when a particular column has updated values (Webhooks must be enabled)
  • Monitor Comments
    Start a FLO when new comments are added to a sheet
  • Monitor New Rows
    Start a FLO based on a webhook when new rows are added to a sheet (Webhooks must be enabled)
  • Monitor Updated Rows
    Start a FLO based on a webhook when rows are updated to a sheet (Webhooks must be enabled)
  • Monitor for New Attachments
    Start a FLO when new attachments are added to a sheet
  • Monitor sheet
    Start a FLO when new rows are added to a sheet
  • Monitor sheet updates

    Start a FLO when rows are updated in a sheet

  • Updated Report

    Start a FLO when a row is added or updated to a report

    • Add Alternate Email (ADMIN)
      Adds one or more alternate email addresses for an existing user
    • Add Row
      Create a new row in an existing sheet
    • Attach File to Comment
      Attach a file to an existing comment
    • Attach File to Row
      Attach a file to an existing row
    • Attach File to Sheet
      Attach a file to an existing sheet
    • Attach URL to Comment
      Attach URL to an existing comment
    • Attach URL to Row
      Attach a URL to an existing row
    • Attach URL to Sheet

      Attach a URL to an existing sheet

    • Comment on Row 

      Make a comment on an existing row

    • Comment on Sheet

      Make a comment on an existing sheet

    • Copy Row 

      Copy a row between sheets 

    • Copy Sight 

      Copy a sight between sheets 

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  • Create Dropdown List 

    Create a dropdown list 

  • Create Folder 

    Create a new folder in the root directory, another folder, or a workspace 

  • Create Group 

    Create a group

  • Create a Workspace

    Create a workspace 

  • Define Cell Value 

    Define a Contact, Hyperlink, or Cell Link Value 

  • Download Attachment  

    Download a single attachment using the attachment ID 

  • Download Cell Image 

    Download cell image 

  • Download Disucssion Attachments 

    Download all attachments from a discussion 

  • Download Report 

    Download a report of your choice in .csv or .xlsx format 

  • Download Sheet Attachments 

    Download all attachments from a sheet 

  • HTTP Request 

    Make an authenticated HTTP request to the Smartsheet API

  • List Sheets 

    Get an optionally filtered list of sheets 

  • Move Folder 

    Move a folder to a target destination 

  • Move Sheet 

    Move a sheet to a different folder or workspace 

  • Read all Groups 

    Rad all groups from a sheet 

  • Read all Rows 

    Read all the rows from a sheet 

  • Search by Column 

    Search a sheet by column and return a row or collection of rows 

  • Search by Term 

    Search everything in a sheet by a term 

  • Search for Object 

    Get information about a folder, sheet, or workspace 

  • Send Row 

    Send a row 

  • Share Sheet 

    Send update request via email 

  • Share Sight 

    Send update request via email 

  • Share Workspace 

    Send update request via email 

  • Update Column Properties 

    Upate the properties of a column 

  • Update Group

    Update group 

  • Update Row

    Update row 

  • Update Sight

    Update sight 

  • Update Cell Image 

    Update cell image 

How to Use Smartsheet Apps and Integrations

While Smartsheet provides numerous advantages, solutions, and integrations, it may take time to fully understand, manage, and utilize all of its features. Fortunately, Azuqua has a support staff that is eager to help you with Smartsheet integrations, and also help you create the best customized combination of apps and solutions for your business.

One of Azuqua’s integration experts will be happy to support you and help you understand and implement the many apps and integrations available.  

For more information on how to use Smartsheet integrations with Azuqua, you can contact one of Azuqua’s integration experts by clicking here.