Supercharge  with Azuqua 

Learn how Azuqua lets you connect Slack to hundreds of cloud apps including Salesforce, Jira, and Workfront.

What can Azuqua do for Slack?

Seamless Cross-Team Collaboration

Empower teams to work in their application of choice by connecting Slack to other SaaS applications.

Get Work Done Faster

Improve the efficiency of your team by automating time-consuming manual tasks with custom Azuqua Bots. 


Make Work Actionable

Build conditional notifications into your workflow and enable teams to conquer their work on a moment’s notice. 

“Azuqua empowered our marketing and sales organizations to scale and improved our ability to convert leads into revenue. Without Azuqua, we wouldn’t have delivered leads to a large team of sales reps on time and accurately.”

– Scott Kinzie, VP of Marketing, EAT Club

Slack Webinar on Demand

Never Lose a Customer: How Azuqua Guarantees Customer Success With Salesforce, Slack, Twilio and Hundreds of the Industry’s Best SaaS Apps

Featured Applications:

Webinar Overview

Earning new customers can cost as much as 500% more than retaining loyal ones, and loyal customers can drive an additional 80% business.

Using real-world customer examples from Charles Schwab and Hubspot, see how Azuqua connects your SaaS apps to make sure you always provide a seamless customer experience across their entire journey – from the moment they visit your website to closing the sale and making them your biggest fans.

Doing this requires fully utilizing your SaaS apps to notify the right person at the right time, including scenarios like:

  • Prompting immediate action when critical support tickets are created in Zendesk via Twilio-driven SMS
  • Alerting your marketing and dev team via Hipchat when Google Analytics detects unexpected website traffic patterns
  • Notify the right salesperson in Slack when you have a new opportunity Salesforce for fast follow-up

Slack Video Library

Connect Slack to Workfront

Connect Slack to Wrike

Connect Slack to ServiceNow

Common Use Cases

Seamless Salesforce Integration

Notify your sales team about opportunities by sending real-time notifications in Slack. Route a slack message to the account owner when a new opportunity gets assigned. Inform a Slack channel when a deal closes so everyone – from leadership, finance, and support can stay up to date.

Purpose Built Azuqua Bots

We all love Slack bots. With Azuqua, you can customize Azuqua bots to your specifications to perform a specific task within Slack. Quickly build automation into your workflow by leveraging business logic and branching to increase productivity. 

Smartsheet Conditional Notifications

Automated Smart Notifications and Reminders

Projects move smoothly and more efficiently when notifications are sent and received on time. Using Azuqua, you can build workflows that automate these notifications in real time. Marking a checkbox or changing the assignment of task are two examples for how these workflows can be triggered.

All the Apps You Already Use

Azuqua’s library of hundreds of pre-built connectors means that you can keep using the apps you love while making your whole team more productive.

Ready to get started?


What else can you do with Slack?


Below are the Slack events that can kick off an automated workflow:


Below are the Slack actions that can be completed in an automated workflow: 

  • New Message in Channel
    Start a FLO when a new message is posted in a particular channel

  • Archive Channel
    Archive an existing channel
  • Create Channel
    Create a new channel
  • Create User (ADMIN)
    Create a new user
  • Delete User (ADMIN)
    Delete an existing user
  • Read Messages
    Get all the messages from a desired time range in a specific channel
  • Read User
    Get all the information about a specific user
  • Search User by Email
    Search for a user based on their email
  • Search User by Username
    Search for a user based on their username
  • Send Direct Message
    Send a direct message to a certain user from your personal account
  • Send Direct Message by ID
    Send a direct message to a certain user based on their ID from your personal account
  • Send Message to Channel
    Send a message to a certain channel from either your personal account or AzuquaBot
  • Send Slackbot Message
    Send a direct message from AzuquaBot