Do More With Slack

Learn how Azuqua lets you connect Slack to hundreds of applications, making it easy to create powerful automations across your organization.

How Azuqua Extends Slack


Streamline customer and employee experience

Eliminate manual work so your team can focus on delivering value to the customer instead of time-consuming repetitive tasks.


Get work done faster

Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency between teams, so you can improve productivity. 


Improve data accuracy and visibility

Eliminate manual re-entry across applications so that data is always accurate and up to date.

Why Azuqua?

Azuqua helps people integrate their business critical applications and create custom automations without any code or specialized skills.

What used to take months of custom development and large IT budgets can now be accomplished in days and for a fraction of the cost.

With Azuqua’s intuitive, powerful and reliable fully-managed platform, anyone can connect their apps and automate their work.

Never Lose A Customer Webinar

Acquiring new customers can cost as much as 500% more than retaining loyal ones, and loyal customers can drive an additional 80% of business through account growth. Using real-world customer examples from Charles Schwab and Hubspot, see how Azuqua lets you provide a seamless customer experience across their entire journey – from the moment they visit your website to closing the sale and making them your biggest fans.

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Comprehensive Connectors to Hundreds of Applications

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What else can you do with Slack?


Below are the Slack events that can kick off an automated workflow:


Below are the Slack actions that can be completed in an automated workflow: 

  • New Message in Channel
    Start a FLO when a new message is posted in a particular channel

  • Archive Channel
    Archive an existing channel
  • Create Channel
    Create a new channel
  • Create User (ADMIN)
    Create a new user
  • Delete User (ADMIN)
    Delete an existing user
  • Read Messages
    Get all the messages from a desired time range in a specific channel
  • Read User
    Get all the information about a specific user
  • Search User by Email
    Search for a user based on their email
  • Search User by Username
    Search for a user based on their username
  • Send Direct Message
    Send a direct message to a certain user from your personal account
  • Send Direct Message by ID
    Send a direct message to a certain user based on their ID from your personal account
  • Send Message to Channel
    Send a message to a certain channel from either your personal account or AzuquaBot
  • Send Slackbot Message
    Send a direct message from AzuquaBot