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Get Slack automatically communicating with the rest of your apps. Increase efficiency across your process, your team, and your organization.

Take Action Without Switching Apps

Assign tasks, accept meetings, approve documents, and more all without ever having to leave Slack.

Notifications for Anything and Everything

Slack notifications based on whatever conditions fit your needs. Include all the important info in the message itself and turn Slack into a powerful information distribution tool.

Never Lose a Lead by Being Too Slow

Follow up on leads as fast as possible by making Salesforce notify reps through any channel necessary. Make sure the hottest leads are immediately contacted.

Slack Salesforce

All the Apps You Already Use

Azuqua’s library of over 100 connectors means that you can keep using the apps you love while making your whole team more productive.

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Azuqua gives you the tools and solutions to take your team to the next level.

What else can you do with Slack?


  • New Message in Channel
    Start a FLO when a new message is posted in a particular channel


  • Archive Channel
    Archive an existing channel
  • Create Channel
    Create a new channel
  • Create User (ADMIN)
    Create a new user
  • Delete User (ADMIN)
    Delete an existing user
  • Read Messages
    Get all the messages from a desired time range in a specific channel
  • Read User
    Get all the information about a specific user
  • Search User by Email
    Search for a user based on their email
  • Search User by Username
    Search for a user based on their username
  • Send Direct Message
    Send a direct message to a certain user from your personal account
  • Send Direct Message by ID
    Send a direct message to a certain user based on their ID from your personal account
  • Send Message to Channel
    Send a message to a certain channel from either your personal account or AzuquaBot
  • Send Slackbot Message
    Send a direct message from AzuquaBot