Supercharge  with Azuqua.

Learn how Azuqua lets you connect Salesforce to hundreds of cloud apps like Zendesk, Slack, and Smartsheet.

What can Azuqua do for Salesforce?

Seamless Cross-Team Collaboration

Empower teams to work in their application of choice by connecting Salesforce to other SaaS applications.

Get Work Done Faster

Improve the efficiency of your team and complete projects faster by automating time-consuming manual tasks. 


360-Degree View of Customer Data

Eliminate manual data re-entry between sheets and other applications so that data is always accurate and up to date. 

“Azuqua empowered our marketing and sales organizations to scale and improved our ability to convert leads into revenue. Without Azuqua, we wouldn’t have delivered leads to a large team of sales reps on time and accurately.”

– Scott Kinzie, VP of Marketing, EAT Club

Common Use Cases

Connect Sales and Customer Service Teams

Give your sales team the information they need to keep customers happy and reduce churn. For example, you can set up a simple FLO to monitor for new tickets created in Zendesk, find the account owner in Salesforce, and send an automated slack message to the appropriate sales rep. 

Automate Notifications for New Leads 

Stay on top of new leads by automatically sending notifications. When a lead has been created in Salesforce, identify the lead owner and send a notification via Slack.

Streamline Customer On-boarding

Improve your customer journey by automating customer on-boarding. When an opportunity is marked Closed Won in Salesforce, create an on-boarding ticket in Zendesk and notify both the account owner in Salesforce and the customer service rep in Zendesk.

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What else can you do with Salesforce?


  • Field Updated
    Start a FLO when a particular field on a record is changed
  • New Record
    Start a FLO when a new record of a particular type is created
  • Record Deleted
    Start a FLO when a record of a particular type is deleted
  • Record Updated
    Start a FLO when an existing record is updated


  • Build Record Object
    Build a single record object for use with the “Create Multiple Records” action
  • Create Multiple Records
    Create multiple records of the same type using a list of record objects
  • Create Record
    Create a new record in Salesforce
  • Download Attachment
    Download an attachment from Salesforce
  • Execute Query
    Execute a SOQL query
  • Find Record
    Find a single Salesforce record based on provided fields and return the record ID
  • Read Record
    Read the information from an existing Salesforce record
  • Read Related Records
    Read the information from existing records related to a particular record
  • Search Records
    Search for multiple records in Salesforce that match the provided fields
  • Update Record
    Update information in a single Salesforce record
  • Upload Attachment
    Upload a file to Salesforce and attach it to a record