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What else can you do with Salesforce?


  • Field Updated
    Start a FLO when a particular field on a record is changed
  • New Record
    Start a FLO when a new record of a particular type is created
  • Record Deleted
    Start a FLO when a record of a particular type is deleted
  • Record Updated
    Start a FLO when an existing record is updated


  • Build Record Object
    Build a single record object for use with the “Create Multiple Records” action
  • Create Multiple Records
    Create multiple records of the same type using a list of record objects
  • Create Record
    Create a new record in Salesforce
  • Download Attachment
    Download an attachment from Salesforce
  • Execute Query
    Execute a SOQL query
  • Find Record
    Find a single Salesforce record based on provided fields and return the record ID
  • Read Record
    Read the information from an existing Salesforce record
  • Read Related Records
    Read the information from existing records related to a particular record
  • Search Records
    Search for multiple records in Salesforce that match the provided fields
  • Update Record
    Update information in a single Salesforce record
  • Upload Attachment
    Upload a file to Salesforce and attach it to a record