Azuqua enables you to quickly connect hundreds of SaaS applications making it easy to create powerful automations and integrations.

How Azuqua connects Infusionsoft.

Quickly create workflows using a no-code designer

Build workflows using a library of hundreds of prebuilt Connectors and powerful logic Functions.

Experience results in minutes, not months

Avoid the pain of integration projects relying on custom development, big budgets, and heavy IT tools. 

Connect teams, apps, and data company-wide

Deliver connected digital experiences across the organization and deliver tailored, repeatable customer journeys.

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What is Azuqua?

Azuqua is the no-code cloud integration platform powering SaaS applications, IT teams, and business users everywhere.

What is Azuqua?

Azuqua is the no-code cloud integration platform powering SaaS applications, IT teams, and business users everywhere.

“Now we only talk about solving for customer success and values because the technical complexities disappeared with the introduction of Azuqua.”

- Jeff DaSilva
Business Automation Analyst, HubSpot

Extend your SaaS ecosystems native integrations by using pre-built API connectors to hundreds of applications and create integrations and automations with WNDYR's consulting team guiding you along every step of the way.

Azuqua FLO Capabilities

A FLO is a series of steps used to automate or integrate data and workflow processes across one or more SaaS applications. Once an Event "triggers" the FLO it will perform each Action and Function, one by one, from left to right. Learn more about FLOs

  • Contact Updated
    Start FLO when there are updated contacts
  • New Contact
    Start FLO when there are new contacts
  • New Opportunity
    Start FLO when a new opportunity is added
  • New Task
    Start FLO when new tasks are added
  • Opportunity Stage Updated
    Start FLO when an opportunity stage is updated
  • Opportunity Updated
    Start FLO when an opportunity is updated
  • Tag Added to Contact
    Start FLO when a tag is added to a contact
  • Task Updated
    Start FLO when a task is updated in Infusionsoft
  • Add Tag to Contact
    Add a tag to a contact
  • Create Contact
    Create a contact
  • Create Opportunity
    Create an opportunity
  • Read Contact
    Read contact by ID
  • Read Tag
    Read a tag for id and other information
  • Remove Tag from Contact
    Remove a tag from a contact
  • Search Contact
    Search for a contact by email
  • Update Contact
    Update a contact
  • Update Opportunity
    Update an opportunity
  • Update Opportunity Stage
    Update the stage of an opportunity

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