Google Sheets

Azuqua enables you to quickly connect hundreds of SaaS applications making it easy to create powerful automations and integrations.

How Azuqua connects Google Sheets

Google sheets is a cloud-based productivity tool for creating and managing spreadsheets which you can easily edit, and share wherever you are, as well as get automated insights from your data. And, built-in formulas, pivot tables and conditional formatting options save time and simplify common spreadsheet tasks.

Streamline Customer and Employee Experience

When you automate, Google Sheets project management is a snap. Eliminate manual work so your team can focus on delivering value to the customer rather than performing time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Get Work Done Faster

Faster responses create improved productivity. Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency between teams.

Improve Data Accuracy and Visibility

Google spreadsheets hold loads of data — put them work for you! Eliminate manual re-entry across applications so that data is always accurate and up to date.

Solution Templates

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What is Azuqua?

Azuqua is the no-code cloud integration platform powering SaaS applications, IT teams, and business users everywhere.

What is Azuqua?

Azuqua is the no-code cloud integration platform powering SaaS applications, IT teams, and business users everywhere.

“Now we only talk about solving for customer success and values because the technical complexities disappeared with the introduction of Azuqua.”

- Jeff DaSilva
Business Automation Analyst, HubSpot

Extend your SaaS ecosystems native integrations by using pre-built API connectors to hundreds of applications and create integrations and automations with WNDYR's consulting team guiding you along every step of the way.

Azuqua FLO Capabilities

A FLO is a series of steps used to automate or integrate data and workflow processes across one or more SaaS applications. Once an Event "triggers" the FLO it will perform each Action and Function, one by one, from left to right. Learn more about FLOs

  • New Row
    Start FLO when a new row is added to a sheet
  • New Row (Revision History)
    Start FLO when a new row is added to a sheet. Revision history must be enabled on the sheet in order to use this monitor
  • Clear Row
    Clears a row of all cell data, leaving the row empty
  • Copy Spreadsheet
    Copies a spreadsheet with all formatting and data into a new spreadsheet
  • Create Row
    Appends a row to the end of a worksheet
  • Create Spreadsheet
    Creates a new spreadsheets
  • Create Worksheet
    Creates a new worksheet
  • Delete Row
    Deletes a list row
  • Delete Worksheet
    Deletes a worksheet
  • Delete Spreadsheet
    Deletes a spreadsheet by ID
  • Download Sheet
    Download a sheet in .xlsx, .ods, .pdf, or .csv format
  • HTTP Request
    Make an authenticated HTTP request to the Googlesheets API
  • Read All Rows
    Read all rows (starting at 2, 1 being the header row) from a worksheet and return them as a collection
  • Read All Spreadsheets
    Returns a collection of all spreadsheets to which this account has access
  • Read Cell
    Reads the content of a cell, referenced in ‘A1’ notation
  • Read Column
    Gets the values of a column and returns them as a collection
  • Read Row
    Reads the content of a row as a list (Cells without column header ignored)
  • Read Spreadsheet Info
    Returns info on the first spreadsheet found by name (if you have spreadsheets with duplicate names, only the first result is returned)
  • Read Worksheet Info
    Gets worksheet information by worksheet name
  • Search Column
    Searches a column for a value (case sensitive) and returns its row number (or ‘null’ if not found)
  • Update Cell
    Changes the value in a cell defined in A1 notation
  • Update Row
    Updates the content of a row (input a space to clear a cell, empty inputs will be skipped)
  • Update Worksheet Info
    Updates a worksheet’s metadata information

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