Surfacing & Scheduling Data from Amazon S3 to Appear in Gainsight using Azuqua


Webinar Overview

We are all looking for ways to automate our work. That’s why Azuqua and Gainsight have teamed up to share how they’ve made it possible surface Amazon S3 data within Gainsight’s UI.

In this webinar, we cover how surfacing Amazon S3 data in Gainsight can improve productivity and make data more actionable This workflow eliminates manual work and makes data more accessible by automatically pushing critical S3 Data to Gainsight.

With Azuqua & Gainsight, teams don’t have to log into multiple applications and the data they need is always at their fingertips.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of leveraging the power of Amazon S3 with the simplicity of managing data connection directly in Gainsight’s UI.
  • How to create projects for data ingestion and schedule data ingestions on daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.
  • How Azuqua lets you connect Amazon S3 to hundreds of applications like Gainsight, making it easy to create powerful automations across your organization.