Another successful year at SaaStr! We’ve returned from the energy-packed, transformative event full of ideas and inspiration. We were fortunate enough to interact with some of the global leaders in the SaaS space – from founders and executives to VCs and other SaaS luminaries – and are excited to share some of our key takeaways with our readers.

Join the no-code/low-code movement

Some of the folks from Bessemer Venture Partners reinforced one of the core tenets we built Azuqua on – the need for adopting an easy-to-use, no-code platform versus spending developer time writing code or programming. In a presentation on their 5th annual analysis on the state of the cloud, Bessemer VP guided a packed audience through the virtue of the no-code/low-code movement. A priority for many SaaS companies is to provide a simple, streamlined developer experience (DX) so that developers can focus the majority of their time on improving their app(s) and solving complex problems. Imagine what else you could accomplish with accelerated development turnarounds and automated processes!

451 Research supports this movement as well. Due to their no-code/low-code techniques, digital automation platforms are the “‘go-to’ platforms for many digital business development projects due to their relative ease of use and rapid time to deployment.”

Ecosystems matter. So do integrations.

Building and nurturing a partner ecosystem is not a novel concept to SaaS. Those in the industry already know that building strong rapport and mutually-beneficial relationships are crucial to increasing your sources of revenue. What was reinforced throughout multiple keynote talks and breakout sessions at SaaStr, however, is the importance of deepening and expanding your ecosystem through integrations. Simply put – SaaS apps need to be able to integrate with other apps to retain customers, scale revenue, and frankly survive. And based off of our conversations, integrations are on almost everyone’s roadmap for 2019.

Those who don’t have an integration strategy place the responsibility of building integrations into their customers’ hands – with or without any API documentation or guidance. On the other hand, many integration-forward SaaS companies opt to build native integrations into their app so they can connect with others (Uber and Expensify’s partnership is a great example of this), but what’s really gaining traction are integration platforms as a service (iPaaS). Instead of spending countless development hours (or months!) building these native integrations, SaaS companies can adopt iPaaS to connect apps on an intuitive, centralized platform. See how Allocadia decreased the time to create new integrations from months to weeks with iPaaS.

Jordan Grant, Azuqua’s Director of Alliances, with our friends at Zendesk

Build relationships and have fun!

It’s truly an exciting time to be in SaaS. There’s never been a better opportunity to network with other cutting-edge companies that share similar goals, visions, and strategies to advance the digital world. SaaStr hosted a slew of parties and networking events – which were a blast by the way – and this year, we at Azuqua decided to host our own.

Located at the Silicon Valley Capital Club, at the very top of the KQED Building in San Jose, we hosted a group of over 50 SaaS product and business leaders for a night of networking and learning, alongside a guided tasting experience of some rare whiskeys. The smaller, more intimate event gave our guests the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with some of the largest names in SaaS and share best practices. James Cook, Head of Alliances and Partnerships at PlanGrid, delivered an inspiring presentation on how PlanGrid built their partner ecosystem and their new integration platform: PlanGrid Connect, Powered by Azuqua. Attendees had a great time at the event and it’s an experience we’ll be rolling out across more cities in the US this year – we look forward to hosting you at one of the events soon!

A sneak peek into Azuqua’s whiskey tasting event

If you didn’t make it to SaaStr this year or we missed you there, reach out to us and we’ll give you more insights into how to step up your SaaS game.

To hear about the next conferences we’re attending or even join our next private event, drop us a note!