At Azuqua, our goal is to help SaaS companies provide better experiences to their customers by enabling them to connect the applications and business processes that are critical to their customers. Simply put, we allow SaaS companies to break down the barriers that exist across applications and remove the subsequent pain their customers (and sales + services teams!) experience by offering them an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that they can white label and add onto their existing lines of business.

To double down on this effort, we’ve built the OEM Cockpit to provide quick, useful insights and tools to improve your customer experience and help you grow your business. With a console for centralized management, you can spin up new customers and monitor existing ones, manage trials, address help tickets, and more, all with less effort on your end.


More than just a dashboard

Not only is the OEM Cockpit full of useful insights, but it also equips you with tools to take action on those insights. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Monitor customer activity and FLOs

Like any dashboard, we’ve equipped the OEM Cockpit with consumable visualizations of some of your most important data. At a quick glance, you can see how many customers – and which customers – use certain Connectors, how many Connections they use per Connector, and how many FLOs they’ve built as a result. This information not only helps you manage your integration business, powered by Azuqua, but is also critical when it comes to targeting and better catering to your customers and prospects.

Because you can see the apps your customers are most commonly integrating with your own, you immediately get a better idea of what your customers are trying to do with your product/service. With this information, you can more accurately target the types of prospects who would use your app and create scenarios in which they could integrate with other apps in their stack.

This information also equips you with best practices to leverage across your customer base. Let’s say you have a customer who wants to integrate your app to Slack, for example. By referring to the OEM Cockpit, you can confirm that you already have two customers connecting to Slack. This will make it much easier and faster for you to complete their Slack integration as you can refer to and replicate FLOs you’ve built previously for those two other customers.


Extend trials or convert to customers

The OEM Cockpit also breaks down the most important details across your active, prospective, and archived customers. In addition to Connections consumed, you can see how many FLOs and tables your customers are using, as well as when they started using your app. When you have a new customer, you can quickly spin them up from the dashboard as well.

You can also create a new org or prospect within the OEM Cockpit and add users under it. You can see how many days your prospect is into its trial, and the tool will even warn you when the trial is close to expiring and give you the option to extend. Azuqua gives you full control and provisioning power over customers and prospects, all from this centralized management dashboard.


Address help tickets

According to Forrester72% of businesses say improving the customer experience is their top priority. Combined with the mounting competition among SaaS vendors, we can draw the conclusion that providing excellent customer service is no longer a competitive advantage – it’s essential for survival. That’s why we designed the OEM Cockpit to have a focus on support. Access the Support Portal with just a click to quickly resolve customer issues and shift your customer service paradigm from reactive to proactive.

If you’re already one of our OEM partners and want to know more about the OEM Cockpit, contact our sales team.

If you’re not yet an OEM partner and are interested in seeing how Azuqua can help you sell more, sell faster, and better serve your customers, let us give you a free demo.