Learning new software can be difficult, and wading through pages of documentation and knowledge bases takes too much time and effort. That’s why we’ve armed you with the materials you need to become an expert FLOgrammer.

Azuqua Academy – Class is in session, all year round

Azuqua Academy is where you’ll find hours (and hours) of free training material that’s available to you any time of day. Whether you’re just getting started, thinking about trying Azuqua, or an expert FLOGRAMMER, we’ve got material that gets you up and running quickly. We’ve outlined a curriculum that starts out at Level 100 (FLOgram Fundamentals) and goes to Level 300 (FLOgrammer). Complete with videos, quizzes, and workbooks you can watch, learn, and test yourself in a fun and enjoyable way.

Get started with Azuqua on Azuqua Academy

Twitch – Not just for streaming video games

That’s right! We’re using Twitch as an avenue to help you get the training you need in a fun and interactive way. Our enablement hero, Dave Derington, regularly walks through our curriculum that’s offered on Azuqua Academy, but the difference is, on Twitch you can field your questions and comments directly to Dave and he’ll answer them with ease.

We’re also streaming product demos that give you the opportunity to recreate the scenario in your own Azuqua org. This is one of the best ways to learn Azuqua; watching an expert build FLOs and walking through each step. Dave will also be taking requests, so if there’s an integration scenario you need help with or one that you’d like to see, you can reach out to him at dave@azuqua.com.

If you’re interested in learning Azuqua and want to see the product in action, you can follow us at azuqua_academy. We regularly stream Tuesdays 10 am PST. If you miss our product demo, no problem, we record them so you can watch them at a later time.

Azuqua Community – a safe place to ask questions and learn tips and tricks

If your training needs extend beyond Azuqua Academy and Twitch, then we have a community of knowledgeable FLOgrammers and a team of Azuquanauts (that’s what we like to call ourselves) who are ready to respond to any question or concern you have. Whether you need help building a FLO, resolving an error, or have feedback for us, this is the place.

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