We live in a fast-paced, technology-driven world where companies and teams are always looking for the next big thing to propel them past their competition. With companies striving to be as agile and fast-paced as possible, project managers need to embrace not only new tools, but also the right tools, to ensure: 1) PMs aren’t drowning in manual work 2) Products are delivered on time and 3) PMs have access to the right data when and where they need it. The perfect tool to address these three points is an iPaaS platform. Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) not only brings together data from disparate systems (hence the integration part of the term), but also brings in powerful capabilities to automate business process around that data. Here’s why PMs need an iPaaS tool.

Automation eliminates the manual processes drowning PMs

Automation is great for ridding PMs and their teams of the menial tasks they face every day such as budgeting, scheduling, and requirements collection. Automating these repetitive tasks is just the first foothold PMs can leverage to drive overall business value. A common question around automation is that once you’ve automated the tasks, does that diminish the value of the individual performing the tasks? We actually see the opposite happening; PMs have more bandwidth to focus on delivering the best product they can while also giving them extra time to focus on more creative/innovative projects that drive the business forward. In a PMs Solutions report, the number one challenge for PM’s was demonstrating value – well, this is a great way to position yourself as a key resource.

Automation streamlines processes associated with delivering products on time

Delivering products on time with the desired business outcomes is key to demonstrating value as a PM. However, one area where PMs often get stuck is in the arduous review and feedback process. As an example, our (Azuqua) key stakeholders were asking for more timely development project updates. Our development team uses Jira to track development tasks but key stakeholders outside the team were not always getting timely updates. So what did we do? Using the Jira connector on the Azuqua platform, we automated sending important project updates to key stakeholders via Slack in real-time. This helped our Customer and Partner Success Managers get information out to customers more quickly, resulting in higher NPS scores. Having a process like this in place ensures that all facets of a company are working together to achieve the same business goal.

Data integration gives you access to data where and when you need it

The SaaS phenomena is spreading like a wildfire, with the average enterprise being home to 1,000 discrete applications. SaaS tools have made organizations far more productive than 10-20 years ago, but the rapid adoption has made it increasingly difficult to connect all of those different tools, creating data silos no one saw coming – the result: decreased productivity. Wrike CEO, Andrew Filev, points out that “Workflow fragmentation leads to workers spending more time searching for, and aggregating information, than actually working.” The reality is, these SaaS tools are only successful when they integrate with one another and free your work data from silos. If employees spend their time searching for information or copying information to a different tool, you’ve lost the true benefit of your SaaS tool. Freeing this data will help PMs keep key stakeholders up-to-date on project statuses, will improve cross-team communication, and allow for better tracking/planning/budgeting for your current projects and those to come.

One platform to automate and connect your SaaS apps

Azuqua is the tool that a PM needs in order to automate all the repetitive tasks associated with their role so they can maximize their time and drive the most value. With connectors to over 250 applications, Azuqua makes it easy for you to connect all your disparate applications so you can free your data from its silos, speed up communication, and deliver products on time. Try Azuqua for free today and start automating your tedious processes and connecting your disparate applications that bog down productivity.