With our initiative to bring the power of Azuqua to the citizen developer (or business user), we’ve redesigned our UI so that FLO building is a more streamlined process and that jargon-loaded terms like “Ceiling” and “Floor” are now replaced with easy to understand terms like “Round Up” and “Round Down”. 

New UI Redesign (Part 1 of 2: + New FLO)

One big change we made is when you click “+ New FLO”. Now, clicking “+ New FLO” takes you right into our Designer with a fresh, clean slate, giving you the option to choose where you begin. Now existing users have a more streamlined way to build FLOs and new users have a more intuitive way to build their first FLO so they can experience the power and scalability of the Azuqua platform. This change also breaks down the confusion between Events and Actions ensuring that your FLO won’t break. This change also encourages our best practice of starting with an event and then moving left-to-right. 

What you see when you click “+ New FLO”


New UI Redesign (Part 2 of 2: The “Add Function” Card)

Another big change to our UI is the new “Add Function” card with 4 key updates. Among the key changes is the dialog has friendlier categories like “Branching” and “Error Handling.” We’ve also renamed inputs and outputs in 37 functions to make them easier to use and understand. We’ve renamed 36 functions to make them easier to sort through so you no longer have to click into each category to see what function resides in each. Our team has also put extensive work into updating many of the function descriptions, help topics, and training materials in an effort to lower the learning curve.


What you see when you click on “Add Function”


Key Update #1: Most Popular Section

Based on our customer use cases and what we see being used the most, we’ve created a “Most Popular” section with 9 of the most used functions in our library. Now, instead of sifting through the function category to find the right function, you can simply scan this quick list. Our most popular section also gives beginner FLO builders a good place to start and try out new functions.

9 of the Most Popular functions


Key Update #2: New Function Sections

In order to make organization and discoverability easier, we’ve broken down our functions into 3 sections: Logic, Manipulation, and Advanced. Within each section houses the category of function making it easier to find out what category performs what before clicking into it.


Key Update #3: Updated Function Categories

Under each section (Logic, Manipulation, Advanced) you’ll find the corresponding categories. Each category houses the individual function that resonates. You’ll also notice that some of the function categories have been renamed to help clarify what each category does. For example, you’ll see “True/False” which was originally “Boolean”, a developer term used to denote true and false.

Here’s what it looks like when you click into the “Text” function category. You’ll notice that every function related to text will be housed there.


Key Update #4: Renaming of Individual Functions

One thing Azuqua users will want to look out for is the renaming of some of our functions. Why did we make this change? It is designed to help the citizen developer (or non-technical user) quickly identify what each function does without all the jargon. If you’re used to the old naming feel free to search by that name because the function will still appear. When you search by the old name the new name will come up with the old name in parenthesis, like so:



One subtle benefit of this renaming is that it helps to keep similar functions next to each other, so for example instead of seeing Email, Find, Last Index Of, and Match spread apart — you see Find, Find Email, Find Last, and Find Pattern together in the list. This will limit your search time down optimizing your time on FLO building.

If you’re an existing Azuqua user or just want to try Azuqua we encourage you to check out these changes, and feel free to provide your feedback so we can guide our product to your tastes. We hope you enjoy our new UI and find that it’s easier to navigate.