I founded Azuqua with a purpose to increase knowledge worker efficiency by unblocking the flow of information and giving people a new way to automate their business processes by putting data in motion – ensuring people get the right information, at the right time, in the right place (the application where someone primarily does their work).

Back in 2014 when we launched the beta of our product, the IT landscape was rapidly changing and companies were adopting purpose-built cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to solve business problems quicker and easier than ever before. As SaaS applications proliferated in the organization, the tools and methods traditionally used to integrate the data from these applications and optimize business processes were not keeping up. We felt there was a need for a new approach – technology that was built specifically for the SaaS world, bringing together the best of digital process automation with connectivity at its core. We built the product so it could be used by the knowledge workers who know their business processes best, i.e. the people in the business, without having to compromise on the complexity or scale of their solutions.

In the almost four years since we brought Azuqua to the market, I’ve been amazed to see thousands of companies adopt Azuqua to help solve a multitude of challenges. The breadth of customers and impact Azuqua has on their business is humbling and keeps our team inspired to help companies improve the way they work (and even create new roles to drive the change throughout their companies that Azuqua enables). From small family-owned businesses like Patten Seed who are automating their sales and marketing processes, to enterprises like HubSpot who are running business critical processes like the onboarding of new customers, to other SaaS companies like Allocadia who trust Azuqua as the integration platform for their own customers, we’ve been fortunate to welcome customers of all shapes and sizes.

To that end, I’m excited to announce our next phase of disruption to the application integration and digital process automation market. Today, we’re putting in place new pricing that allows anyone to get started integrating almost any application and automating complex business processes across those applications for just $50 per month. Beyond just the low starting monthly cost, we’re breaking a number of pricing barriers that have historically existed in the application integration space:


  1. We’re ending the price tiering on applications in our library because we believe customers should not pay more just because an enterprise tool like ServiceNow or Workday happens to be part of their stack they need to integrate.
  2. We’re not charging more for the number of applications you need to connect inside of your business process: whether you’re trying to create a relatively simple integration between two applications or a complex process that spans dozens of applications, it’s still just one FLO from our perspective.
  3. We’re not limiting you by the number of transactions you have in the applications that trigger your automations.
Because we want anyone to be able to integrate their applications and automate their business processes, we’ve also been investing in our enablement resources. You’ll find hours of free product training videos on our website, in-product tutorials, an active community of passionate Azuqua users helping one another achieve success and one of our friendly Automation Advisors on the other end of the in-product chat window to help you along your automation journey when questions arise.

Disruption is not a one time event and we’ll continue to innovate to meet our customer’s (and our future customer’s) needs. We’re just getting started and I’d like to invite you to get started alongside us by trying Azuqua free for 30 days.

– Nikhil Hasija, Founder and CPO of Azuqua