This summer I am a Software Engineering Intern at Azuqua in Downtown Seattle. Azuqua is a pioneer in the cloud application integration industry, and the product allows users to build custom automation and integrate SaaS apps with its powerful and reliable platform. This dramatically speeds up business processes so that companies don’t need to hire engineers to fix integration limitations themselves. I am currently working with the UX Team on improving the User Interface of the product.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Todd Owens, the company’s CEO. I was impressed by his experience as a leader of multiple companies and his interdisciplinary background. At Azuqua, Todd is able to combine both his technical skills from his Engineering education from the US Navy and Business Management reasoning from his MBA from Harvard. An admirable leader is somebody who can speak and understand both Engineers and Business employees, and that is Todd.

He stressed the importance of making strategic decisions as a leader with the type of business relationship in mind. For example, Azuqua is a Business to Business company, as opposed to a Business to Consumer company. While it’s easy to spread a product quickly to large audiences under B2C, the process for Azuqua is unique because it values customer relationships and success at a personal level. Todd emphasizes the importance of Azuqua Customer Success employees because they understand the needs of all the customers.

I noticed this about Azuqua’s company culture when I job shadowed Yaeka Katsuta last March. She is a Customer and Partner Success Manager, and I sat in on a check-in phone meeting with a customer. Her relationship to the customer was surprisingly personal and did not feel like a typical impersonal customer service call. Yaeka personally checks in with customers and walks them through any difficulties they encounter.

I additionally have had the pleasure of working with Dave Derington, who is dedicated to User Enablement. He creates material made to help customers understand the product, from “The Connector” Podcast, to Webinars. I am collaborating with him to produce my own podcast about my experiences at Azuqua which will be coming out within the next week. These tools are not only great resources to learn about the product’s capabilities but also a way to learn about the people who power it.

Azuqua is a people company, and I am excited to be working here this summer!