Connecting Salesforce and Jira

If you have worked practically anywhere, you probably noticed that teams communicate most easily and most often among themselves. While inter-team communication is important, these feedback loops create silos of information that are difficult to break down and cause uncoordinated product delivery, misinformed decisions, poor customer support, and more.

Two teams that notoriously have collaboration issues are sales and engineering. These difficulties can often be exacerbated when the teams use SaaS apps that are not synced. Linking these apps is not just important for moving teams towards increased collaboration but also in accelerating product deployment.

For one company who worked with Azuqua, this lack of communication between sales and engineering teams was addressed by connecting the CRM the sale’s team uses, Salesforce, with the task management software the engineering team uses, Jira.

The Challenge

A company using Salesforce and Jira were having difficulties with the speediness of the sale to implementation process between their sales and engineering teams.

The Solution

In order to solve this problem, Azuqua made it so that when an opportunity is marked as “won” in Salesforce, deployment items are automatically synced into Jira so teams can begin the implementation process. This automation routes complex product models that require different deployment steps and objectives depending on type. It also ensures the correct teams are notified once the Jira deployment project is kicked off, and information is bi-directionally synced to keep all parties up-to-date.

The Results

Being able to customize a deployment for a customer is critical to a speedy and pleasant onboarding experience, but this can often be a tedious manual process. This workflow automates this critical step and allows both sales and technical teams to streamline and accelerate deployment. Interested in learning more about this use case and how automation can redefine the way you get work done with Azuqua? Read the ebook here.