With customer being king, understanding how they are responding to every step of their journey is essential. Consistent customer feedback completes this 360 view and is often done via a survey tool.

Although these tools are often helpful for survey design and maximizing survey reach, problems arise when the feedback is not being properly distributed to the appropriate teams resulting in an improper use of the data and inability to maximize the data’s indispensable value.

Azuqua recently solved this problem for a company  by combining SurveyMonkey, an online survey development software, with Salesforce, a CRM, and Zendesk, a support ticketing platform, using Slack as an additional communication tool

The Challenge

A company using a survey software needed to remodel how and when they administered surveys to customers and the delivery of the results to the appropriate channels.

The Solution

As a solution, Azuqua automated the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to take the guesswork out of monitoring and managing customer surveys. This automation delivers NPS surveys based on custom increments. When a customer completes a survey in SurveyMonkey, that data is instantly synced with Salesforce so that Sales reps and managers can pull reports to understand what their customers are saying and how they can better manage the selling processes.

If an NPS survey crosses a predefined score, Azuqua creates a Zendesk ticket to better understand the customer pain point. Notifications are also sent to the customer service rep and sales rep via Slack. That ticket data is then bi-directionally synced back to the CRM to ensure transparency across teams.

The Results

This automation helps companies better understand the customer experience and operationalize how the incorporate customer feedback. It focuses on the most important person of all – the customer. By operationalizing your NPS surveys, you can constantly improve the way you manage the full life cycle of your customer experience.

Interested in learning more about this use case and how automation can redefine the way you get work done with Azuqua? Read the ebook here.