The harmonious exchange of information is the pillar of a high functioning company. Companies that can communicate tasks between departments the quickest will produce fast deliverables and insure a positive customer experience.

Often, task communication between different teams is a time-consuming process. For example, having to manually enter tasks through email every time the engineering team has a part of the project is a total time-waste. With more companies wanting to use best-of-breed SaaS apps to tackle their individual teams specialized needs, these silos of information between teams just grow larger.

A solution to this problem is connecting these teams via automation. Companies can continue to use best-of-breed while eliminating tedious manual task entry through automating the movement of information between teams. An example of this is a companies use of Azuqua to connect Jira, a task management software, with Workfront, a project management software.

The Challenge

A company was challenged with the manual and slow movement of information between their Engineering and Project Management Teams.


The Solution

This solution in this case was to fully connect and automate the apps used by the teams. When an “engineering” tag is detected for a task in Workfront, Azuqua automatically spins up a Jira issue and syncs the critical information from Workfront so the task can be completed by the engineering team.

Key pieces of information like percent complete, due date, updates, and notes can be bi-directionally synced between both applications. When that task is marked complete in Jira, Workfront is automatically updated to keep the project manager up to date.



The Results

Previously, engineering tasks had to be communicated either by email or created manually. By automating the data both ways, project management teams can focus on executing their projects while still having visibility and accountability from the engineering team to take action and keep their issues up to date. The result is faster deliverables for the project management team and a more streamlined experience for employees.

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