Scheduled FLOs

FLO scheduling received a major update as well, allowing users to set more granular time frames to run scheduled FLOs. This unlocks a new set of custom automations that can be more tailored to the way your business runs. 

Interested in seeing what it looked like before?  

With this before-and-after view of FLO Scheduling, we can quickly identify the improvements with the ability to select individuals days of the week to execute a FLO or running it on a frequency with a minute by minute option to meet your needs.

This update makes FLO Scheduling, a critical function for many users, much more intuitive, allowing you to quickly setup scheduled workflows based on your custom requirements.

Azuqua Status Page

Azuqua launched a new Status Page to give users granular insight into the health of their integrations, connectors, and Azuqua’s platform as a whole.

Users can now subscribe for updates to Status Page so that they are always up-to-date on the status of their systems. This provides users with a much more holistic view of their business critical integrations and we are excited to add more functionality and connector health insight in the future.

Immediate Error Notifications

Many customers are looking to know right away when one of their FLOs hits an error. We’ve offered error handling and daily email summaries to help with this issue, however you might not plan for every edge case. An error might happen on a card that you don’t have error handling set up for. This is where our new error notification emails come in.

On any FLO, you can turn on emails that get sent immediately when an error occurs to let you know that something has gone wrong. These emails should give you a great ability to react immediately to any errors in your FLOs, rather than finding out a day or two later.

To turn them on, look at your FLOs in list view by clicking this icon in the top right corner of your list of FLOs. Then, click the Email button that appears in between the execution data and the author name of the FLO in the list (you need to hover your mouse over the FLO to see the email button). The screenshot below highlights the way to turn on these notifications.

Interested in learning how to put these features to use but not sure where to start? Schedule a 1:1 FLO building session with Azuqua Design Desk to learn how.