A consulting company for the popular CRM, Salesforce, found that 70% of it’s users are having to enter the same data into multiple systems. This manual data-entry time adds up to create a disconnected system which in turn creates delays and mistakes that translates into lost revenue.

A well-oiled customer success machine requires that your apps work together to get consistent data instantly distributed across your SaaS applications so your team has accurate data during all customer touch points. Recently, Azuqua did just this when they integrated Salesforce with Jira, a task management software, and Amazon S3, a web service for data storage.

The Challenge

A customer using Salesforce as their CRM was having to manually enter data into Jira to monitor engineering tasks for specific customers, and their business intelligence (BI) teams were not receiving key customer data to enter into Amazon S3.

The Solution

The answer to this problem was to make Salesforce the primary source of truth for customer data with an automated integration of information into Jira and S3.

First, Jira and Salesforce were connected  to automate the creation of engineering tickets for specific customers and bi-directionally syncing critical information in both systems to increase visibility into customer status. Next, Salesforce was linked with Amazon S3 to allow the BI teams to digest and manipulate key customer data that was being automatically pulled in real-time from Salesforce.

The Results

This automation improves the accuracy of customer data within Salesforce and automates the integration with engineering. It also enables BI to run more comprehensive reports on customer data and better understand if engineering is effectively meeting their needs.

Good data is critical for making informed, customer-minded decisions. With the automation between these three applications, this customer now has have unparalleled insight into their customer data.

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