With 49% of customers switching companies to escape poor customer service since 2013, delivering a stellar customer journey from start to finish is a big deal. Without a 360 view of the entire customer life cycle, it’s difficult to begin to understand and solve the problem of fleeing customers. Where in the process were they lost? Why were they dissatisfied? What did we miss?

Companies are using best-of-breed SaaS applications at an increasing rate for each part of the customer experience. When these tools are disconnected, an information gap begins to develop where teams don’t have the access they need to real-time, up-to-date customer data.

Azuqua recently solved this problem for a company by integrating Zendesk, a customer service and support ticketing platform, with Gainsight, a customer success platform. By connecting these two systems, they were able to use two best-of-breed applications to give specialized performance while breaking down the silos of information.

The Challenge

A company using Zendesk and Gainsight had no way to sync the customer support and customer success data causing both teams to not have the proper information to deliver a comprehensive and informed customer experience.

The Solution

To provide a 360 view of the customer for both the Customer Support and Customer Success teams, Azuqua set up an automatic sync of customer success and customer support data across platforms allowing both teams to have a real-time view and status of customers.

The Results

Without complete insight into how customers are interacting with your company, it’s hard to understand if they’re truly happy. For example, customers often directly reach out to support to resolve issues, instead of contacting their account managers. This can create a disconnect if those systems are not properly synced. By automating this process, you can ensure your customer success teams have the information required to properly reach out to customers.

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