Leading companies know that they need to facilitate collaboration and provide teams with an organized way to get work done. Simultaneously, companies are also looking for a way to grow with confidence, knowing that data is being input and stored without errors.

To do this, many enterprises are using Smartsheet as their best-of-breed work management platform, but are looking for a better way to store and save data for down the road. When there is a SaaS app for every business need you can think of, choosing a single software that says they can do it all can be tempting. However, through smarter integration and automation, you drive the most value and purpose-built functionality of your application ecosystem without sacrificing security or connectivity.

An example of this integration is Azuqua’s recent customer who needed to connect Smartsheet, a collaborative work management tool, to Google Sheets, a web-based spreadsheet application.

The Challenge

A company was challenged with the need to use a best-of-breed application for collaborative work management that would automatically communicate with a data organization tool to increase data visibility and give back the time spent on manual data entry.

The Solution – Connecting Smartsheet and Google Sheets

Because Smartsheet is not always best for storing data, we needed to find a way automate processes between Smartsheet and an application with greater data management capabilities, Google Sheets. This automation provided the ability to replicate important information from Smartsheet directly into Google Sheets templates for number crunching and record keeping.

Instead of being buried in a row in Smartsheet, this automation systematically extracts project data and inputs it into Google Sheets for more consistent data processing and a more accessible statement of record.

The Results

Good data is good business. By integrating your best-of-breed applications, automation gives you the best of every world. It eliminates time-consuming manual data entry across systems, improves data visibility, and makes project data more digestible.

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